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A soap bar that kids will be begging to use?

One that won't damage skin with harmful ingredients?

A future-forward brand that is eco-friendly?



Yes. Welcome to Maji.


Every Maji bar soap is handcrafted from organic and whole ingredients that are used to nourish and cleanse the skin. We are committed to showing the next generation the importance of building strong and life long habits of cleanliness through motivation. We create fun soaps that contain a toy inside to motivate children into practicing self-care. But that's not all, every bar contributes to providing children all over the world with clean water so they can start their own self-care journey, teaching children the value in helping others.


Maji Play Soaps each have a small, collectible, squishy toy that brings excitement into daily self-care.


Proceeds from every purchase support the Thirst Project, which provides clean water for children in need


Maji soaps are made from coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, all-natural essential oils, and a toy.


Maji's bar soaps use the cold process soap-making method, where saponification process starts when oils and butters fuse with lye.

All of Maji's packaging and shipping materials are made from recyclable and sustainable materials, so think twice when disposing of our packaging.


-Coconut oil

-Olive oil

-Shea Butter

-All-Natural essential oils

-Squishy toy and color


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Every Play Soap Bar houses a toy at its core to excite and motivate children into practicing self-care.

These toys are cute, cartoonish foods and animals with faces on them in bright colors that are collectible. This type of toy has a few that are rarer than others, which kids can have fun looking for as they wash their hands.

As Maji expands, we will partner with larger toy brands, giving kids the opportunity to wash for their favorite collectibles. 

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5% of Maji's sales will be donated to the Thirst Project to benefit the hygiene of children in every situation.

The Thirst Project builds clean water wells in impoverished areas of the world, which especially benefits children because they no longer have to walk for hours every day for water. Instead, they can now use their time in school learning.

By simply giving access to clean water to children in need, YOU can give them the opportunity to learn about the importance of their hygiene with the kids who initially bought a Maji product. This becomes a powerful learning experience for both sides with life long values.


      Lila was just six years old when her father came home from filming a National Geographic documentary in Lesotho. When he spoke of this magical country he saw and experienced, she was in awe. But one detail left her unsettled. He told her about the children who were unable to go to school because they had to walk long distances to find water for their families. These children walked for hours on end in search of water, and often only found unusable sources. This stayed with her for years until she found a way to help them.

      Five years later, Lila was experimenting with a soap-making kit and at the time, her sister had been very resistant to washing her hands consistently, often forgetting to do so. To solve this, Lila made her a soap bar with her favorite small toy hidden inside to motivate her to wash her hands – and it worked. Almost too well. Her sister often washed her hands when she didn't need to, in hopes of becoming just one wash closer to the mystery toy. And when she finally did, she wanted another, then another until she didn't need the motivation anymore, just washing her hands on instinct. This inspired Lila, so she made more soaps and gave them to family and friends with the same positive response until she decided she wanted to make a business out of these. But, was lost on how to do so.

      Three years later, Lila came across an entrepreneurial class where she finally saw the opportunity she had been waiting for years: to combine two passions she never thought she could. And so, Maji was born, but with a purpose. To empower youth to take care of their hygiene all over the world, in a way that will excite the next generation.

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